Why Low Drying Times in a Portable Car Wash?

The creation of a portable car washing machine is mainly because it meets the very immediate needs of consumers and maybe a high-profit enterprise. Ask many car owners if they want to wash the car, you might hear a loud “yes“! Unfortunately, many people just don’t have the time to get the full car details into their cars. Even on weekends, you are more willing to rely on cars to place orders.

Most people have their only free time at work or at home. Mobile beauty services provide consumers with a relaxing car wash service so they don’t have to worry about a busy day at the car wash. While portable details are undoubtedly helpful, there are a few factors that need to be considered to make this type of car wash truly convenient and efficient.

The Importance of dying time

For most outdoor vehicles, portable car washes won’t worry about drying time. Exposure to fresh air is sufficient to dry the outside air in the car. However, this is not the case for the interior of the car. Ventilation of any kind is rare in a car, especially in winter when the windows are rolled up. The cab of the vehicle is also extremely exposed to sunlight. This makes the interior of a car very suitable for the incorporation of bacteria and bacteria on tapestries or for polishing stains. A moist, dark environment with limited ventilation makes bacteria and fungi best suited for growth and reproduction.

Therefore, mobile car cleaners need suitable installations to clean the interior. These machines must be able to handle the toughest cans and sediments, no matter how old, strong, or durable they are. It is important to invest in cone cleaners with lower water volume and stronger cleaning extraction power. This ensures that the tape and liner do not get too wet after washing and dry faster and more completely. Depending on the carpet cleaner used, the vehicle interior can dry out within hours.
Quick and efficient
For portable car washes, fast drying time is essential as it allows you to complete more detail of the job – this is especially important for mobile car washes that work before the deadline. The automatic cleaning equipment can dry the interior quickly so that guests who complain about moisture or odors do not have to worry about it after cleaning. Mobile automatic cleaning requires portable steam cleaners for on-site cleaning, electric cleaners, car steam cleaners, and low-flow cleaners. 

Use a low-flow carpet cleaner to clean indoor portable car washes faster and more efficiently. The largest mobile car decoration equipment is completed by portable steam cleaners and electric washing machines, as well as effective car steam cleaners.

When I was very young, the first mobile car wash company, when we franchise across the country, we turned it into a broad multinational company. Not only can we offer cheaper costs because we don’t have a $500,000 to $1 million car wash or loan debt service to repay, but because we’ve achieved them, we don’t have to worry about driving our customers. This is a great time, there is no competition and there are many people who want to clean their cars regularly.

Now some people have expected that the mobile cleaning industry will be condemned by their own car washes. They said that because mobile rental companies did not collect wash water in the parking lot, authorities would shut them down for violating the city’s NPDES permitting procedures, as dirty water is not allowed to enter the storm drain.

A strategy was developed for all mobile car wash equipment and the industry started developing a water recycling system to suck water from the ground and block stormwater drains. efficient. efficient. But now a new technology is on the way, which not only destroys mobile cleaning but also destroys car washes at fixed locations.
“Highly waterproof or antibacterial coatings are nothing new. They use nano-sized chemical groups to provide these properties, have little contact with the surface, and can be destroyed quickly and irreversibly. But researchers have now allowed extremely waterproofing. The coating is used to repair scratches on the surface of the car and remove the dirt from the water drops.”
Interestingly, I always thought I would make a robot like Asimo to reduce labor costs, give it a pressure washer and soap gloves, and let it use it after my client’s car is washed. I just sat down and watched the car cleaning robot and made money. I think the ideas and concepts are a bit outdated now, everything is cleaned up, because the car is now washable.

This means that the United States will innovate in a variety of ways in the future, including disruptive technology that could surpass the entire industry overnight and maybe the latest step in the car wash business. So in the end, maybe in another 20 years, mobile car wash is doomed to fail. Personally, I didn’t see this technology come back in the 1990s, but I wonder if this technology will be invented when PPG introduces other self-cleaning surface layers around the turn of the century. I hope you can take all this into consideration and think about it.

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