What if there wasn’t mobile car washing?

The other day, I spoke with a mobile car wash operator who, because of stormwater laws, had difficulty in his local city. They recommended that he do anything and even close his firm. One of his proposals was to switch to some sort of dry cleaning option for automobiles. He informed me, though, that he didn’t want his clients to use dry washing, they wanted a genuine wash. Obviously, he did not want to discontinue his company, so he asked me: “What if there were no cleaning mobile cars and mobile details?”

All right, that’s a question I never had before, but I think it’s worth it. Because I think America can compete well and under a free market system particularly good. It matters little if it is for that purpose in the automotive cleaning sector or other industries. All right, so for a second let’s talk about this;

1. Higher prices for lower competition
2. Uncomfortable, more long-lasting waiting
3. More auto finishing scratches by mechanization 3.
4. Large vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles, and boats have difficulty being cleaned

See, they charge a lot for washing the automobiles when it comes to car washes and fixed facilities. A mobile car wash may charge less money since they have less money invested, thus investments can be returned quicker and positive cash flow can be generated quickly. If competition were lower, it meant that car wash operators would raise their rates constantly and consumers would pay more.

If competition were to become less favorable then consumers would have no option, and since car washing had to take long lines, they would have to wait, spend valuable time, and a considerable deal of their profit to get their car cleaned. Indeed, customers would have a choice. In the automation of the car wash facilities on a permanent site, it is now more likely to cause damage to the automobiles, scratches to car finishes, and clear coatings. There would be greater harm to personal automobiles if the mobile car wash wasn’t available.

In other words, it would be quite difficult to get your motor home, or motorbike washed, or even a boat that was cleaned on a trailer if we did not have mobile operators that could wash or provide services to clients. Mobile washing machines and mobile automotive details are good at this, therefore there is a positive thing they have – and I hope they will do it for the coming decades. In fact, I hope that you’ll look at and think about all this.

On the 20th of each month after running out of water, one of our largest fixture vehicle washers had to close. That’s because so many people went to car wash since they too were under a regulation about water ration, and they couldn’t wash their car in their manner and couldn’t even drink their grass and shrubbery just twice a week.

People’s rushes turned brown and a few inventive entrepreneurs came with him to turn green grass again by using vegetable oil because all the grass was gone because of the shortage of water before their homes. Whoever has green grass evidently uses water or watering in the middle of the night that is contrary to the law. If you had no receipts that would demonstrate that you paid to spray vegetable oil to change the color back green, you would have to pay that heavy fine.

How did you wonder how did our mobile wash survive? Then we collected water from the nearby area and we had to utilize it carefully because we had to carry it in plastic tubes. Therefore we run at 1.8 gallons a minute, 900 to 1000 PSI in our press washers. We were quite good, and indeed we could wash a car with just a spray period of 1 minute. That required 20 seconds of rinsing, then soaping the car, then 40 seconds rinsing, then drying it up.

This may be done even in Level 3 Drought in the United States by a mobile vehicle washing firm. People are using a steam washing or dry cleaning method in various nations. In fact, if you consider washing the dirty rags of a dry cleaning process and in the end, you will have used the same quantity, not more than twice as much water as a steam washing system with a press cleaner with roughly the same amount of water. In fact, I hope that you’ll look at and think about all this.

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