Washing of Dry Car: 8 mistakes to avoid & How to start a business for mobile car wash?

Did you worry about washing your automobile with a dry car scratching or producing poor results? As long as you avoid the following 8 errors, you will certainly obtain fantastic and lasting outcomes whenever your car uses a waterless wash & wax product.

1. To wipe your automobile with any old cloth

Use a 100% cotton terry cloth to wip the formule after you spray onto your automobile to optimise the benefits of spray on car wax and washes, and then use a microfiber towel to buff out the remaining wax haze. Simply do not perform as effectively other clothes or rags.

2. Too much rubbing

Rub it softly and in circular motion with a terry cloth after you spray the waterless wash on your car. Do not rub too strongly since you may finally scratch your vehicle’s surface. Wipe and elevate for optimum effects.

3. Use of cleaning waterless solutions on an overly filthy car

Rinse off the dust before using a dry car wash if your automobile is caked in mud or sand. Waterless wax works lightly to moderately dirty, but you cannot expect the recipe to remove a really heavy dirt cover.

4. Do not allow the solution have enough time to soak

Are you on the surface of your automobile with scuff marks, tar, sap or bugs? Just a few minutes before wipe it off with a terry towel, spray on the wax of your automobile surface.

5. Towels not changed

If you use tools that are overly moist or unclean when you work on your vehicle, you should keep a few extra terrible rags and microfiber towels.

6. Don’t save your towels

One of the advantages of utilising dry car wash is that the towels you use to store the wax haze in a sealed ziploc bag can be saved. You may wipe your automobile and keep microfiber cloths between the washes pleasant.

7. Blue moon once wash your vehicle

You should try to wash and wax a car once a month to achieve optimum effects. Regularly cleaning the automobile protects the paint and prevents damage to it from road salt, bird drops, dead bugs and other damaging materials.

Fortunately, it takes you just up to 30 minutes to wash and wax your car if you spray the car wax which may also clean waterlessly. The more often you use a cleaning product without water in your automobile, the brighter and harder its protective cover.

8. Use of products that do not include carnal wax without water detailing

Their active components are quite different, and there is a range of waterless washing goods and wax products there. Use a dry vehicle wash formulated with carnauba wax to achieve optimum results. Carnauba wax, which preserves paint and provides a hydrophobic surface, is the favoured component for the autodetailers.

How to start a mobile car business?

The vehicle washing business is a well-known company, but it is simple to start a mobile washing business with the introduction of modern automobile systems. It’s a highly profitable business for those who currently own car wash or run the vehicle fleets, with numerous individuals looking to clean things up day and night in their courts or houses. it’s a lucrative company. The car body needs a hot pressure machine, which can remove the whole waste easily while, in the case of mobile auto washing it is your business, as you will need to visit the place where you have been called to the business, to sweep away any particle without soaking or wetting the mattresses or the chair. Before beginning a mobile car wash service, you have to observe various steps.

Pressure washers

you need a high-pressure equipment to care for your automobile, motor and underwashing. At this point, you are asked to remove stains or chemical blots using water or a steam washing machine which is in a position to discharge high pressure. The output pressure should be around 1500 ppi; You won’t damage the paint and won’t leave dirty spots. When you have a steam pressure that is the preferred automotive machine since it eliminates water spillage on your customer’s yard, it decreases the cost as the washing station does not require a lot of water to be used. You may even wash a car in a distant place where flowing water is not present.

Carpet Cleaners

to take over the inside of the vehicle, as the mats, seat or dashboard can no longer be under high pressure. You may choose for a low-pressure washer, which doesn’t soak the mount or wet the seats, so the car owner would want to invest in an extractor that will help you dry mats Extract more seat padding moister or suck the vehicle’s dust. It was generally suggested that a heated carpet cleaner be used for a mobile vehicle wash system due to its capabilities for quick and thorough cleaning.


a powerful detergent is required for a mobile vehicle wash system, which eliminates dirt and pollutants faster and does not cause corrosion and pollution since you need a cleaning agent that does not affect the environment on your way round. The local authorities mandate and promote the usage of biodegradable green chemicals which can cause less damage to the person who uses it. The automobile owner prefers also non-corrosive products because they do not leave any markings on the cars.

Transportation system

you invest now in a mobile company thus it is vital that you have a highly dependable transport mode that delivers good services in good time.

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