Want to wash a car for your car 7.200 pounds?

We all know that records have been broken when it comes to car costs. The Bugatti Veyron was the first to hit the £1 million mark, followed by a few other models such as the Aston Martin One-77. At the beginning of this century, no one would believe that this was feasible. Yes, Ferrari had to go to Magic for £700,000 plus those days and some Zonda. However, these very expensive cars need to be cleaned and maintained to buy super expensive cars; £7,200 per car. High score wash or I count on record. Think of your 10-year-old Nissan Sunny.
How much is Gurcharan Sahota from Derbyshire UK for waxes and waxes? Easily clean each car for 250 hours with 100 kinds of liquids and polish or polish each car five times. He also uses a microscope to find the tiniest scratches so that every car is flawless, in fact, most ordinary people can’t see it. The discussion becomes the ultimate detail sticker.

Mr. Sahota has a degree in accounting and works alone in his residence, where his parents have converted the two-car garage into a workshop. The garage, like other garages, has a well, but he uses it to massage all the dirt under the car where the sun doesn’t shine. If I’m biased against you.
About 5 years ago, this 30-year-old man started out of modesty, and partly because of his love for cars, this car valet service. “Small” means he started cleaning vehicles for his neighbors, just like buckets and sponges. He also realized that customers with extremely expensive vehicles need the best treatment and are willing to pay thousands of pounds to keep their vehicles very clean.

He has been a client of the Premier League, rock stars, and famous lawyers. After the break, he asked Aston Martin dealers to give him a DB9 for free, and the list of customers grew. The dealer was impressed, the dealer provided his customers with his detailed information and it has exploded so far. As his company knows, Elite Detailing launched a second studio in Worcester.
He gave a detailed introduction to his favorite McLaren F1, just to name a few: Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce. I think his Volkswagen Golf GTI should also be the cleanest Golf GTI. I guess we don’t have SDS 10,000 or do all the people around us who drive these beautiful vehicles have a car wash service?

Tips for Cleaning Mr. Sahota’s car:

1. Use hot water to wash soap.
2. Add warm water to one, plain water to the other, and neutral pH shampoo.
3. Lambswool wash gloves are better than sponges and the price is about 8 pounds.
4. Clean from top to bottom.
5. Wear separate clothing on the body and wheels.
6. Avoid using acidic and highly alkaline wheel cleaners and products containing silica gel as this will cause staining.
7. Use a towel to dry the car instead of suede.
8. Check the cleaning material regularly to make sure it is free of debris.
9. Always dry the bodywork to avoid minor scratches.
10. Enjoy the fun of cleaning the car and spending time.

Wash on Mopeds Mobile Car For Chinese Emerging Market Car Wash?

Well, just like clean cars like us Americans, the Chinese seem to be able to keep up with all the cars they get in the car wash industry. There are several issues, including energy, land costs, and water. So where did the 470 million middle-class people in China clean your car? They once bought the car. In China, medium means about $1,200 a year, or about $3 (USD) a day, and the cost of car washing won’t be more than a tenth of what they do here.
Okay, so we also need to understand that the cost of labor is also a tenth. So, is it feasible, is there room for 100,000 car washes? Maybe not in Shanghai, Beijing, or other popular places, it will certainly work, and there are a large number of Chinese working on mobile car washes.

How about cleaning mobile cars with mopeds, tricycles, trolleys, and other location-specific adaptations? How will larger units in larger industrial areas be wiped out, such as buses, trucks, airplanes, marine facilities, farm equipment, construction equipment, new cars, and railroads? Is the business model feasible?

My answer is yes, yes. Yes Yes.

In short, a smart contractor can make washing machines for mobile vehicles, these washing machines are powered by people, not from the United States, but from the Chinese. This is how low the cost is, as it must be remembered that the cost of a car is between US$2500 and US$4000, and the cleaning fee is about US$5 to US$7, one-tenth of the base (mobile) cleaning so it’s 0.50-0.70 USD per sink.

In that example, if the washing machine maintains 33% and a businessman who owns 25-50 cars has to pay a reasonable rent, he will make a very significant amount of money. The royalties charged can be high, but they must be local business owners, not franchisees based in the United States. After all, because the Chinese imitate well, they will only copy the business model and the US franchisor will never get a cent.
They have to pay upfront, but I don’t see anyone who can prepay between $100,000 and $500,000 for everything they can copy and steal. Even if their copy knowledge is limited, they will become a base of savvy traders cheating in the United States. Stamp duty agents cannot trust this market, nor can they keep their rights in the business model, yet get paid.
At the same time, if others steal it and compete with them directly while paying us, they will copy and damage the concept. My vision is as the founder of the world’s largest mobile car wash franchise company.

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