Video surveillance and monitoring of car wash

Car wash companies are always looking for ways to save time and reduce costs. Most new car washes are equipped with video surveillance and surveillance systems from day one. Many current institutions are aware that not only criminals, consumers, and employees must be held accountable, but also that they must be held accountable. The monitoring method honestly maintains people and also helps to avoid layoffs.

Video surveillance – pay attention when you are away.

Car wash companies already know how important it is to digitally record everything that happens when they are away or when employees are present. With the camera, you can see it in the convenient home office and sleep safer and better at night. The modern camera system is now accessible via the internet connection in the washroom and you can observe your facilities with just one click.

Set up customer disputes

If a customer claims fraudulent damage, the second benefit is getting a video system. I often hear laundrymen say, “Your machine has dents on the sides of my car, and you have to pay to fix it!” “If the driver is able to see the film (damaged), the boxes are immediately removed when the driver is there. handle. Imagine the value of a 10-second video clip when a picture is worth a thousand words!

Arrest crime

Using high-quality video clips, you can work directly with local law enforcement agencies to catch disruptive vandals and thieves and destroy washing machines to earn money. Most DVR devices may be connected to your alarm system, which can start recording at full resolution when an alarm is sounded to all cameras, to capture better images for conviction.

Car Wash Monitoring – All-Star Secrets

Car wash companies are the most successful and rely heavily on their car wash systems to monitor the health and wealth of their car wash operations. The most effective tool a business owner can use is information to make informed decisions. Car wash owners and operators using the monitoring system can control their entire car wash operation to a greater extent.

This is a coin machine, not an ATM

The incalculable money of the replacement unit is one of the major losses of the car wash business. A dishonest employee who was found told the investigator that the money exchange machine was just like an ATM and that it had never been counted. Many money laundering companies stated that their coins and tokens were stolen through scams or stolen credit cards. Car wash surveillance technology can simultaneously identify and reduce such crimes on the changer, send text messages to the car wash owner and switch the wired camera to the security system.

Never without chemicals

A major benefit of the car wash monitoring system is that you can ensure that the main fuel tank never runs out of chemicals. You can set up sensors via SMS and email when the monitoring tank starts to run out to notify your laundry and chemical distributors. You can save on emergency costs for filling and transporting chemical products. This saves the driver the time it takes to send the “check” level to his route. Washing owners never having to worry about running out of chemicals before a busy weekend means they don’t have to worry about losing shut down operations.

Your evening status report has been delivered

The owner of the car wash told me that it is easier for them to fall asleep at night because they receive a text message on their cell phone every day with their car number, daily total, cash count, credit card number, and card number. Before implementing the surveillance system, it is impossible to know if you have called the phone number of the day. The next morning, when I had a cup of coffee and all the reports from the previous day, I got a text message from the owner of the washing machine.

Monitoring makes investors happy

dFor money laundering companies that have investments or want to attract potential investors, or money laundering companies, we would like to hear the doctor’s order for remote monitoring. Investors regularly want to know how the investment works. Because all earnings, including cash, are monitored, investors can remain silent and allow laundry companies to conduct day-to-day operations without having to deal with regular progress reports or financial updates. If you use a surveillance system to automate most documents, consider how you can do more during the day?

Learn from mistakes – historical trends

The monitoring system is powerful software that can compare months with previous months or the same period of the previous year. By looking at the weather, the number of cars, and prices at the time, you can help determine business models and growth or losses. The reason for this is that washing machines can figure out the position of the loss leader at a very young age before their income can be significantly affected. Like identifying when something has gone wrong, monitoring makes you aware of when something has gone wrong. Effective methods and methods of repeating these efforts are the keys to growth. Many laundry operators told me that their costs using the monitoring system were inadequate. Cool Wave Car Wash Bobby Willis said that if more than 20% of customers buy the top-level car wash package, you don’t have to charge enough. How useful is it to know if your money is on the table?

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