The McWash – the car wash industry’s future

It is 2025, and many futurists’ predictions have been realized. The expense of fossil fuels makes it impossible to drive today’s gas-powered cars. The usage of monetary tracking technologies has made cash useless. Oil, gold, or diamonds are no longer the most valuable commodity, but time. The market share divided numerous times over and reached a climax in the international economy for many people.

The North American Dollar value now competes strictly with the Asian Yen and the growing value of the Euro Dollar. As socio-political trends sweep throughout the world, however, certain things are always the same. People still have to see the doctor, go to the dentist, purchase food and take their children to sports activities and wash their family and business cars.

The future car laundry will look very much like todays. The cleaning services are still situated at major intersections and gasoline stations, and at an acceptable cost. There will be fewer individual car wash proprietors in the company as the main distinction between car wash of now and that of the future. The competitive nature of the future market will drive away entrepreneurs who do not advertise their laundry adequately. Successful people will identify and duplicate what works in the future market. The main rival will be the car wash franchise throughout the next 10 to 20 years. Internationally renowned car washes will be available all across North America with the same services offered at almost the same price. When consumers drive to a vehicle wash, the quality of service they anticipate from the other side of the state is equal to that of the car wash.

By looking at the business patterns of the last 50 years, today’s futurists are looking at how companies have developed in the last century. Ray Kroc took his milkshake on the road in 1954. A restaurant operated by Dick and Mac McDonald’s brothers, he’s heard about. The Brothers had booked their hundreds of possible menu selections in the shorter order industry. By providing two alternatives – hamburgers with or without the cheese. Two milkshakes, chocolate or vanilla were also available. Cars waiting in line created an issue for McDonald’s company early on since it takes time to make a milkshake. Six of the five spindled milkshake producers named the Multimixer, cleared the room in their restaurant. The McDonald brothers were, therefore, able to drive about six times the number of automobiles. “Ray Kroc never saw so many customers serviced so soon when he ran to look, says the McDonalds Corporation website. He presented the notion that numerous eateries should be opened to his brothers by taking the day.┬áHe persuaded everybody to sell eight of his Multi Mixers.” “Who can we open them to us?” He said, Dick McDonald. “What about me,” Kroc replied?”

Thus started a world-swept dominion. The success of this business is neither the cuisine nor the personal treatment of every employee. The burger in New York tastes the same way as the Chicago or Dallas or Los Angeles burger. McDonald’s works because And every Mcdonald’s franchise educates its staff at every place that delivers consistent service in exactly the same way.

Ray Kroc had no idea what to cook outstanding burgers, and he did not provide the greatest dairy shakes in the market. He recognized and created nonetheless a business model that maximized efficiency in serving the number of clients. He also discovered that by restricting the menu, Mcdonald’s obtained the same meal in all places. This business concept was then packaged in advance and marketed to those who wanted to create their own franchise stores in Mcdonalds’. There have already been training, menu, construction, and equipment standards and time tests. And the menu and services of Mcdonald’s were now well known to millions of devoted consumers from across the world.

Entries will still have the vehicle wash of the future, but consistency and homogenization are stressed by the business model. For the very first time, a user may attend a car wash and already have predictions of what washing is available, the quality of the washing, and the amount of money that the individual car washing chain will take from their personal wash accounts. In the future, the main means of payment will no longer be cash. All these franchise companies will be connected together in one huge payment network by utilizing the power of the Internet and modern communications technologies. Clients have unparalleled flexibility over the settings of their accounts. The fact that Fleet Managers have now completed their own business reports and managed their account balance online from anywhere in the world means that they save receipts and send tokens. Car washing will be as safe as Online Banking to purchase and manage.

The successful future car wash will not just increase, as owners learned how to clean a car better or offered the finest service. Future car washes offer a uniform choices menu and consistent standard of service, on which a client can depend on every wash worldwide.

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