Premium Car Detail – Can you get that from car wash?

Okay, let’s talk about car washes.

They are like a conveyor belt, you can place them there through the automation system, the procedure is quite simple… your large industrial car wash…

They usually start in the vacuum zone, where your efficiency in getting the car out of the vacuum depends largely on your minimum wage and mood that day. Let’s be honest here. Sometimes you get a good deal. Other times you put your car in these washing machines, okay. You know what I’m talking about here.
Then you pull them to the next stage, the staff spray them, and they can add detergent to their pneumatic devices or wheels (too strong)… They usually have a very powerful degreaser or a very powerful insect remover so you can wash it vehicle quickly and then run it through the location normally listed on the tracking system…

This is an automated thing, this system. They neutralize your car, take over the track system and tow the car into this long tunnel.

In the tunnel, a bag of reclaimed water, all the pollutants already in it, sprayed from all the other cars, brushing the battery with a brush, sometimes contactless… same thing. They were blown up or beaten by a lot of rubber felt things, which were very rough at the end. Of course, it’s better than always staining your car, but it’s not as good for the health of your paint in the long term.
Then it goes through the tunnel, where the belt it was scrubbed with is actually broken. It works by spinning around at high speed and slamming your car as it approaches. So most of your car is out the front, jerking through this tunnel and crashing around it (probably because you want to know what stupid you’ve done to punish it like that. You wash your car, try to organize it and put it out there look good I mean think about it You send him to your car and let him be beaten and abused… It’s kinda glamorous, which is clean You send him to you in the car.

Well, on the other side of the tunnel, there will usually be a person who will jump in the tunnel and he will pass quickly on your console, and then you have someone who will sweep your windows very quickly and he will thrash you, Dash, your front console, your windows, things like that, the person who jumped into your front driver’s seat.
Usually, there are three or four miles. One person grabbed the driver’s window in the back seat and the next person took two people to the other person. The car dried out quickly as it came out of the end of the tunnel. There was also some air movement there, which helped get rid of it. This was pulled out by the front driver and a few people came out to wipe the door frame, and they might be able to wipe it dry if they needed it.

Some of them can sell you a bit by coating your tires. Something like this.
They can rip it off and apply some wax, usually for various reasons, which is a bad concept at the moment…

Is your car really clean? Actually? If you haven’t treated them with iron bars and waxed them, all you need to do is seal them up to make sure the sun really wears them and degrades your paint for a long time and there are still a lot of impurities in your paint.

What kind of wax do they use? what’s inside? What’s in it? What does it do? What does it do? What does it mean? What does it mean? Think of something.

So waxing is bad enough if it’s only applied by hand (you know, spray on a small mat, put the mat in the car, wait a minute or two, then wipe that thing off.)
Incidentally, you would think that this will mainly be handled by “advanced”. There is still something to think about. After understanding (and I’ll be publishing lots of articles introducing different levels of service and their processes, explaining lots of waxing and paint correction, so stay tuned), it should be enough to make you a real squirrel next time you see some car wash shops Try to sell to you through “Advanced Details Service“.

So what I just said is how much your car wash will endure. Isn’t it small enough? Is it small enough? deterioration…

Look, you’re in real trouble if someone puts a buffer on it that doesn’t know what they’re doing (I assure you they don’t know what they’re doing, whether they’re polishing or “polishing” you As they said, the contaminants in the paint will be removed automatically, as they said, the contaminants in the paint can be removed without the clay stick treatment because the machine will absorb all these contaminants and rotate them. The pad is like sandpaper, Here you can paint the paintwork damage, this type of work is, of course, carried out on a daily basis on these large industrial car washing machines.
It’s… this is your standard car wash…

I mean, look, if you’ve got an old car that’s worth noting, take it to the car wash, just a thug, and you’re going around town. I will not disappoint them. I will not disappoint them. They do their own thing, which many people find very valuable. This is better than letting dirt and contaminants build up without washing them… this is the worst thing you can do. For many people, this is not a problem.

But what I’ve done in this series of projects shows different levels of care and maintenance of your car, obviously, they won’t tell you even if they know because, well, your company accepts a lot and isn’t always right or like this.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and this enhanced your knowledge. If you want to know more about car washes pay a visit to my blog we hope you will find what you are exploring. And don’t forget t share your feedback with us.

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