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Why does Procter & Gamble take part in the car wash industry on earth? Furthermore, why is it that may be the biggest consumer goods firm ever enters franchising? See, P&G is a fantastic brand and some people consider it the world’s greatest.

What is Corporate America intriguing about vehicle washing? Well, some of my ideas are here: There are contingent members of the MBA’s Harvard Business School who have access to the notion of a nationwide “Car Wash Company,” which they remember and believe is a good idea after children leave school.

Some of them, therefore, end up as investment bankers in the 500s, such as P&G (which is a big company and don’t make me mistaken), and some pop up once in a while in the car wash industry.

I remember Mr. Clean’s from¬†P&G who appeared many years ago in the International Car Wash Convention and I felt a bit angry with the car washers. P&G seemed to expect that vehicle laundries would market ‘personal’ washing systems for house cleaning and believed that there was a childlike spirit to people involved in car washing.¬†

P&G promoted and spent enormous money in all Car Wash magazines (in relation to the car wash industry, not the behemoth P&G, whose annual gross is 15 times the entire car wash industry combined). I chuckled because in front of an arrogant politically petty car washing business I felt it was nice to rub it, they deserve it, most of the knuckles, just a few actually understand it (5-10 percent ). [Personal view from years of industry observation].

The Mr. Clean product was displayed in small containers at large box stores and sold well, as I am sure it was anticipated and thoroughly studied. I sensed the tension again, the industry seemed to become upset, as Maguire did when he turns on the self-detailing sector and directly sells to the public, he ticked everyone off. Good movie, but terrible steps for your dealer networks, especially with other strong product lines, such as Pennzoil’s sub-brands or Auto-Magic, which are prepared to hire new dealers.

Car Wash Owner and the Car Wash Industry, it’s a cut-throat, cash business and it’s attracted unscrupulous people, sorts of desiring mafia, it’s really horrible. It’s very nice to the dog industry. Many were critical of participants, such as Mace Securities, who had an intriguing history there, for example.

But I think that Mister Car Wash should be bought, the name changed to Mr. Clean and the “Mister Car Wash” should become a tiny subbrand, which merged without upsetting any brand; I think I might do it well enough. I think it’s a brand. This would be famous for the P&G market, but also for costs.

Mr. Clean was then able to sell these units to other owners as master franchises, clustering them and using them in new training establishments. P & G has large weapons and can use them to finance the new car-washing building because the financing difficulties have come to a halt. Car cleaning is still practically everywhere directly across the board. Yes, it will pick up and $5.00 vehicle washing in five minutes will have to be the new model. That has only been mastered by a few firms thus far.

P&G intends to sell its franchisees for a total of $500,000, which might not be enough for the car wash, and I didn’t read the FDD to see what the franchise buyer is getting. In fact, I would like to see first (if there is a strategy) the prefab structures, then it may fit in into a 500 kg deal.

P&G might also function, as an outside all-hand wash, mostly, as outside TEMPE, AZ near the school, where college students wash their vehicles on a concrete plate with an underneath clarifier, but this isn’t going to be so good for the unsettled environment. And I wonder if P&G looks at it because it’s not their style, but it’s working. Although I didn’t see the blueprints, I doubt it is.

Rather, they are seeking a whole facility. I don’t think it’s in the cards and I doubt their strengths and weaknesses, I would want to view and put some holes through their SWOT analysis. In addition, they want to market their goods for a business like P&G and thus they don’t want to own car washers and want to take over their products. Wrong! This isn’t suitable for your business or primary business. Franchising, like Amos, its new CEO, is a contentious industry. It knows this reality better than anybody else.

Most of the franchisors in the car wash industry; Bob’s Car Wash, Rapido Rabbit, etc. have collapsed because of undercapitalization. While P&G should not worry about it, it doesn’t imply that they must go to a car wash sludge pit to put money!

Now the auto laundering business is over-saturated and the economy is down, but until it recovers it will obviously be 18-24 months, with no real ROIs in the climate being reached at new sites. Sure, things are going to come back, but for some time it will be. Any firm entering this industry will have to win very cheap costs.

In most places, building permits are now most likely to be accelerated between the submission of plans and the first shovel turn and the construction for 6 months at a maximum. This indicates 12 months of poor performance, meaning 6-12 months. Yes, when land is cheap, available, and distressed sales, the greatest time to do this is. However, the time lags here and the bullet is now being bite since I believe that a large complete franchise system is again the incorrect tactic. But I can ensure that they can’t function, as written out. I can make it work.

The Mr. Clean brand is in the process of breaching the law with water pollution laws, as NPDES and the restrictions on stormwater get stricter, their home-use products jeopardize customers. Their only way is to do anything else, but I suppose they didn’t think that they thought about it properly. That’s certain, it’ll be interesting to see. Think about it. Think about that.

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