Make your car seem clean and gorgeous by washing a steam car.

Not everyone can clean their car on demanding schedules. So, isn’t it great how the system cleans and sanitizes your car? Today the car wash business has reached its best level. Provide various car wash facilities for car owners. You can view

Cleaning your car through the system can not only save you time and energy by cleaning your own car, but it can also bring you many benefits and give you the best results. Many service providers prefer automated systems over labor. The best thing about cleaning systems is that if they don’t work, they cost you nothing.

These systems contain several components, each of which is used to perform unique and complex cleaning tasks. In today’s market, there are four systems to choose from. They only offer self-service, outdoor, outdoor, and full-service laundry services. The self-service system consists of a pressure sprayer and a spray brush that is connected to the central large pump. The sprayer is equipped with a coin dial system to help you choose your favorite detergent, soap, or laundry wax. Another type of automation technology is mainly used in the northeastern United States. External rollover This system requires you to place the car in the channel bay.

The front is pneumatically placed on a certain belt and your car must remain neutral. This tension strap brings the car directly into the compartment, which is equipped with various equipment. Conveyors, prep and side washers, dryers, etc. are the main equipment of these systems.

There are also many systems with specific characteristics available. These devices are used for industrial purposes when the work takes several hours. The car wash is usually a bit of friction or a rag. Non-contact automatic cleaning relies on powerful jets of water and powerful detergents to clean the car. During the car wash process, only water and cleaning agents come into direct contact with the vehicle. The best result of a clean, beautiful, brand new car is in many ways a washing machine.

In addition, if your car wash business needs these systems, you can choose from a wide range of economical systems and green chemicals. However, it is always crucial to obtain the best equipment from reliable suppliers to achieve your company’s goals of improving efficiency and quality.

Do you think your car washer is sensitive to the water pressure used by the car washer? Or are you dissatisfied with the typical way of car combat for some other reason? Then you will be happy to know that the market now offers a new technology that has many advantages and is called steam car wash. When used correctly on the surface of a car, the steam cleaning technology uses a steam ejector to clean the car, which has the effect of humidification and deodorization and generates steam under pressure.


Traditional car washing takes a lot of water to wash a car, and most of it is a waste of water. With steam car washing technology, a car only has one gallon of water at a time and even uses one gallon of water in a way that reduces waste.
Some types can be taken anywhere and it is very easy for everyone to work with more or less the same efficiency and efficiency, making them very portable. In addition, various objects can be washed and cleaned.

Steam washing is an additional technology in the laundry industry, so there are some doubts and misconceptions about this technology.

1. “Steam car cleaning sucks”

(Ans. steam cleaning technology has been used in the carpet industry for decades and does it right).

2.’The car is going to be scratched’

(Answer. Because the cleaning process is done by a mixture of hot water and pressure, there is no hard substance to rub on the surface of the car, so the chance of scratching is very small, but the correct way to use the device.).

3. “This technology endangers paint”

(Answer. produces steam at a temperature much lower than 100 degrees Celsius, so that there is enough distance between the car and the piston for safe painting. The car).

4. “Machine work is dangerous”

(Answer. Well, this also applies to the classic car wash method.)

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