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It’s not easy being a car wash, and often you feel like you’re the person doing such a column. We even received nuts. This is a question that makes cake the weirdest question of the month. A reader wrote about the following questions:

They allegedly put tablet fresheners in the carpet on the driver’s side of my car and I cleaned a car in Scottsdale, Arizona. Well, when the air conditioner was off, the smell of chlorine came out, making my eyes and nose roar until I escaped.

I brought a Ford dealer and service manager and the mechanic said it smelled like carpet cleaner at first. But the air conditioner smells more like chlorine tablets used to clean chlorinated toilets. Have you ever heard of car chlorine pills as an air freshener when washing the car?

I’ve gathered information to take the case to court. I collect it. My ex-husband was the person who cleaned the vehicle before it was handed over to me in a court order. I cannot reach the automatic cleaner. I bought a Ford pickup and it took me to Lexus. I produced detailed information about Lexus at the Lexus dealer, but they had never heard of anything similar. We traded at the machine shop and asked them to change the drivetrain oil from Phoenix to Seattle. My ex-husband told his lawyer that the car wash liquid was placed on the driver’s side of the tablet. I haven’t seen any evidence. He seemed to see them doing this. My mechanic did not drive or pick up my predecessor’s car. While checking the air conditioner, the mechanic discovered a bad smell. There is no smell when we turn on the stove! real! Strange; if you have any experience or can help me with such incidents I would appreciate it.

Strange actually. Some car wash fluids contain small tablets in the recovery tank. Usually, it’s not chlorine, it could be something else; maybe the employee abused the pills? However, I suspect this is the reason. Sounds illegal. Some people have something under their seat, for example, a liter container with a chlorine bath is leaking and a carpet extractor draws dry chlorine onto the carpet and circulates air through the vehicle. Also doubt. Earlier car carpets had horrible animal stains. No one would clean the fuel tank, but most of the time the operator would smell them and remove them as they were extremely difficult to use and would be corroded. It is possible but unlikely.
Because of the Mesa Flood, Scottsdale’s water had to be rinsed with chlorine to ensure it was safe when the water flowed into the vent duct during the wash cycle and stagnated in the pool during the non-rising cycle. This could be your problem because the plastic pipe is leaking and because the gas concentration is lower than the chlorine emulsified in water, you need to make sure that the counterpart fixes it to prevent the ingress of CO2. Perhaps, but smoking to the extent of this problem is pointless.

Angry, did someone do it for you? It just can’t wash the car; the method of washing the car must be too complicated. Someone cleans the vents with Windex-style cleaners or uses internal chalcogenide to clean the vents. This will happen at the car wash, are there new employees or unlabeled bottles? If it comes from a car wash, this is a possible explanation. In general, such things should be simple. It is important that you pay close attention to your eyes and continuously avoid injuries. You are smart. Some people are very sensitive to air fresheners and make those little disc-shaped devices, but they are not used in car washes. Even the wholesale price is $75 or more which is not cost-effective when washing a car. Can these be used at home or remove moisture from cabinets? Maybe there is a problem with the carpet extractor and too much water was poured into the cabin, if so they would not be able to remove and use the water.

Yucca-flowering trees tend to produce very fine pollination, which can make your eyes go red and red and make you look like a zombie who could clog the air conditioning system filters. You should update it. Look for yucca plants near your house, the desert is full of rain and now you are about to dry out.
Doesn’t open until you clean it up, the smoke can cause dizziness or loss of consciousness, is this a dangerous prospect when selling in Scottsdale?

Do not use chlorine tablets to wash the car? But is it possible to illuminate cathedral urine or something weird in the car that someone is trying to hide? I don’t know what it is, I don’t believe all these ideas, but they all sound impossible.

This sounds like something out of one of my detective books. Either the methamphetamine lab can try to erase its own evidence, or the criminals can use something strange to clean up the crime scene. I bet there’s more? But this is a car wash problem, I guess? you are worth it. Hey, because I have the wisdom to solve problems, please pay attention to me.

The car’s chlorine tablets leaked through the most spy book I’ve read. But would anyone think it will melt under the seat at high temperatures? Sound like a stupid weekly crime or a hellish car wash? Does anyone use a chlorine pill to refresh themselves? Let strange and really interesting stories keep appearing. For questions about car washing, please contact the car wash.

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