Car Wash- Hand verses Automatic

The possibility of using the conventional manual laundry or the newest automation is depending on the automobile owner’s own personal taste. While the hand wash might produce the glossy finish, the other way is definitely more faster. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of the various vehicle cleaning alternatives.

Hand Wash

It is the most traditional technique to wash your automobile regularly. While it is slower than the automated alternative, it has numerous advantages and a few disadvantages.


High-quality and personalised – the finest complete cleaning performance may be achieved by hand washing. Regarding cleaning techniques, the frequent hand washing may be readily adjusted. Extra cleaning procedures such as waxing and clay can be used when the hands are really in touch with the automobile.

The expense of a first hand wash is relatively cheap, with only a few sponges and a bucket required to spend. However, if other cleaning techniques like as waxing are planned, this cost will increase.

Better reach – there might be numerous spots on the automobile which the automatic machine does not clean. A complete hand wash service may purify the filth from any hidden nook or section of the automobile literally.


Time and work hard – a wash of the hand can be quite laborious and fatigued and dreary of the muscles. The time required may also vary depending on the sort of service offered. It might take a few hours to accomplish an in-depth clean with several coats.

Poor end – this can lead to a dumb looking vehicle if the automobile remains in position with any unclean soap. There is also a risk of building up little particles of dirt on the sponges or rags used to clean the automobile, resulting in undesirable scratches.

Automatic Car wash

Automatic vehicle washing is an alternate saving time for a full-service washing. For a number of reasons, many individuals start to appreciate automatic services, but they have both bad and very favourable features.


Take a careful look at the work – the automated machinery is incredibly friendly to the whole automobile and completes the operation without harm. In the past, these machines used harsh brushes that may produce scratches, however, with the newer units, this is no longer the case.

Cleaning services are thorough: the automated machines are trained to clean every part of a car attentively to guarantee that the cleaning is always uniform.

Preefficient — the latest equipment with particular automotive washing procedures are designed to assist reduce water utilisation and save time. This benefits both the operator and automobile owners from lowering costs.


Contact is limited – a common approach with automatic machines is to utilise minimum auto contact, so that the most static filth still remains after completing the washing cycle.

Water spots — if final air dry phase is not fully efficient, water stains are left on the automobile.

The cleaning of cars is one of the necessary duties to be done regularly by any automobile owner. Cars nevertheless may gather plenty of dust, mud, bugs, tree sap, filth, especially those that are exposed to the weather every day. In general, it takes a lot of time and effort to clean up such difficult storages and industrial cleaning solutions. That is why most vehicle owners are now looking for the most convenient way to clean cars. They use cleaning specialists in mobile cars. These cleaners use sophisticated steam automotive washing equipment that ease the chores of vehicle detailing and provide excellent cleaning results.

The latest car cleaning technology

Auto cleaning specialists are using the best steam car wash equipment for maintenance of various types of vehicles, 4x5s, boats, lorries and buses to keep the competition ahead and to assure client pleasure. Durability, dependability, effectiveness, user safety and few maintenance problems all ensure steam-based car cleaning devices from renowned companies. These steam car wash systems enhance user productivity by increasing the outcomes of washing and reducing the time needed to maintain automobiles.

The Perfect combination of features

In addition to steam car washing machines, well known manufacturers now provide high-quality rug washing machines and green chemicals for automobile washing applications. Damp power cleaners are the most popular in the range. These machines are equipped with low flow, high pressure and high temperatures to provide outstanding results in automotive cleaning.

In dissolving the hardest coating of oil, grime and fat found on outside vehicles, high vapour temperatures are unparalleled. Even though it’s hard to stain or dirt, steam on surfaces is mild. This is why steam is great for usage with glass, windshield, tyres, wheels and car engines. The finest mobile automotive washing machines emit steam at 250oF to remove tree sapphires, contaminated dirt and oil in automobiles efficiently.

The high pressure levels of automotive detailers help to wipe away steam dissolved dirt deposits. However, the pressure level of a mobile steam cleaner should not be either too low or excessively high. During low pressure steam vehicle washing, dirt deposits are not efficient, but car paints can be damaged or cause surface damage by those with very high levels. Select mobile automotive cleaning machines with pressures of up to 1500 PSI for optimum results.

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