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We seem to need new guidelines for this so-called car wash industry. More than 20 years of research into the car wash business has shown that we need to make some changes to balance customer fairness and maintain an appropriate return for business owners. There have been several scandals in the car wash industry. Maybe you’ve seen the TV special “Sixty Minutes“? Personal belongings were robbed by cars, fake hot wax, and even business strategy issues.
Following are some rules that the car wash industry should take into account. 12 basic principles for restoring customer confidence in the car wash industry. Currently, on average, only 15% of car washes are regularly followed by customers. Is the rest of their business abnormal? Why is there such a terrible number of repeat customers working for any company?

#1. Car Wash only needs to use or refuse 5 gallons of water per car or face. It’s overcrowded, enough to protect this natural resource.
#2 The customer can expect the car to be washed in five minutes or less.

#3. For convenience, customers should provide car wash service at least 2 hours after leaving work. Early closure is unfair to customers.

4. If an employee takes things out of his car, the car wash should be responsible.

5. Car washing, including damage to the car, should be the responsibility of the car wash procedure.

#6. The community it serves needs to re-wash the car.

#7. The car wash needs to circulate water until it reaches a maximum of 5 gallons per car.

#8. Those who can use the car washer. A crime in a city in hiring disgruntled people is caused by washing cars.

#9. On very cold days, when the car takes off, 8 gallons of water drip from cracks or chassis onto the road, and any accidents are caused by pouring concrete on dry days.

#10. Laundromats must respect the flow of traffic in and out of the car wash.

11. When chatting with consumers or trying to tamper with their methods of buying larger tickets, the car wash should not resell them multiple times if the customer declines before.

#12. Any customer claim for quality of work must be resolved quickly through a car wash and cash or returned immediately for a re-wash.

The car wash industry now needs to stand up and do the right things to satisfy customers, frankly, avoid damage and properly clean their cars. In fact, it’s time to wash clothes thoroughly. think about it. think about it.

If you use a pressure washer during a fundraiser, you can wash 20 cars with soap-filled lids in two-thirds of a 5-gallon bucket. Your soap is definitely biodegradable. Due to the wax coating on the front, at least 25% of the cars do not need soap. These vehicles reduce the water/flush cycle to approximately 30 seconds or 1.2 gallons of water per vehicle. The efficiency has increased by 50 times. A car washed with garden shoes in the driveway can be washed with an electric washing machine with fifty cars. This means a lot of water savings.
When you spray the car with a specific device (pressure cleaner), you get a fine mist of excrement. Water can be applied evenly to achieve a spreading effect. Therefore, the water that reaches the ground evaporates quickly. A car that needs soap uses about two liters of water in about a minute and has a wet/wash cycle. This water will never flow into the storm.

You can also use mobile professional washing machines or car beauticians to support your team. They consume only 2.4 liters of water per vehicle and remove only 2.4 GPM from the pressure washer. Wash the dirt with soap and rinse the car for about 40 seconds. If you spray the car for 20 seconds to get it wet, it will spray 2.4 liters of water in 60 seconds or 1 minute.
Working with local experts can be very efficient. You simply buy a high-pressure cleaner at a large department store and finish it yourself. When you wash 150-300 cars at fundraising events, your water efficiency will also be high. Look for a washing machine that can deliver 1500 PSI (pounds per square inch). Gasoline-powered drives are better, while electric drives cost about half. If you want to buy electrical appliances, make sure you have a shop in the designated laundry room. Expect a good power unit to cost US$300, and a great gas unit will cost US$500 to US$800. 

You can also purchase a supercharger from a local paint company. They use it extensively to clean the exterior of homes and commercial structures before painting. See if anyone in your group has a painter. You may volunteer during the fundraising period because you have experience using such devices.
Remember that fundraising usually uses about 3,600 gallons of water; 360 minutes @ 10 GPM if using straight garden shoes. Therefore, when not spraying, use a snap-off pin or a kinked tube. With a high-pressure cleaner, you halve the cleaning time, double the number of cars, and get more turnover. You can also discharge much less water into the storm.
During a fundraiser, we used a pressure washer to clean 520 cars and 950 gallons of water in 6 hours. The largest number of cars are cleaned in the traditional way, usually 150 cars, with 3,600 gallons of water. At this particular fundraiser event, we used a third of the water to wash three and a half times as many vehicles. We saved 2,650 gallons of water that day and made a lot of money for the kids in Thousand Oaks, California.

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